GTS will take the full operational lead under our umbrella. We understand the
market and we have existing sales channels into different market segments like
Industry, Hospital. We are a very successful in our distribution business and can
operate under exlusivity or non-exclusivity.

Market Entry Strategy

GTS will setup a go-to-market strategy for you. Included is the market analysis,
product analysis and innovation level assessment. Based on the needed investments
and revenue/profit expectation, we will create a business case. An implementation
roadmap will finally make the major steps fully transparent.


If you want to start your local business operations, GTS can take the full operational
lead and work under your umbrella. Our experienced business leader will guarantee
functions like Interim CEO, Interim CFO, Interim Sales & Marketing Head. We will also
take care of all legal topics. You will be enabled to start the business at variable and
lowest possible cost.


Market Analysis

GTS carries out a market and/or product analysis for a fixed price. The market analysis will give you an understanding of the market size, competitors, and trends. The product analysis will help you understanding your product performance and innovation level compared to your major compeittors. This analysis will help you making the right business decisions and setup the right communication and pricing strategy.