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Home Healthcare Devices

This segment includes instruments for medical therapy at home and on the go.
Our current key-focus lies herein on respiratory devices such as for example Asthma-Inhalators or CPAP Respirators to treat Sleeping Apnea.

Biometrics & Wearables

We continue to expand in the ever-growing field of biometric devices. Those are measurement instruments that monitor the user’s health. A modern trend is that those devices become wearable and ever smarter. Our range of Oximeters, Pulsometers and blood pressure measurement devices are following our goal to make cardio-respiratory health more convenient through innovative technology and intuitive software. As such the wearable category is the natural extension of our home healthcare medical devices.


Wellness, Healthy Living &
Workplace Health

Our expertise in medical technology is carried over to the introduction of wellness devices that create a healthy environment both at home and for companies. In accordance to our respiratory focus we are
specialists for air purification systems. This naturally leads us also to distribute water purification systems. Solutions for better nutrition and sleep are concluding our product pallet for a holistic and
integrated wellness approach.


Our focus on cardio-respiratory health together with our experience with biometric wearables and the sensibilities of the health-lifestyle leads us finally to the combined implementation with fitness solutions. An example of which are novel VR solutions and computer guided home-training instruments.