The global partner and expert
to launch your business in the
Swiss HealthTech market
The expert to
launch your business in the
Swiss HealthTech market

Welcome to GTS

We are your Swiss partner for an impactful and strategic entry to the challenging yet lucrative health-tech market of Switzerland.

We have a long-lasting expertise in launching novel medical devices in the domain of home-healthcare, wellness, fitness, healthy living and workplace health, with a special focus on B2B.

Our services encompass a broad and dynamic spectrum of activities adapted to your business model.

• Distribution
• Market Entry Strategy
• Market Analysis

Particularly in the exclusive distribution of high-end medical devices, GTS and our clients celebrate an ever-accelerating success.

Please contact us if you would like to learn, how we can bring this success to your organization, too.






GTS will take the full operational lead under our umbrella. We understand the market and we have existing sales channels into different market segments. Hereby, we can both operate under exlusivity or non-exclusivity.

Market Entry Strategy

GTS will setup a go-to-market strategy for you. Included is the market analysis, product analysis and innovation level assessment. Based on the needed investments and revenue expectation, we will create a business case. Finally, an implementation roadmap will make the major steps fully transparent.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis will give you an understanding of the market size, competitors, and trends. Our product analysis will help you understanding your product performance and innovation level compared to your major competitors. This analysis will help you making the right business decisions and setup the right communication and pricing strategy.

The market we are specializing in is under fierce competition and longing for unique value propositions and custom-tailored marketing strategies.

The Swiss market has a strong bias towards proven and well-established companies, a culturally conservative mindset and a notorious word-of-mouth dependence.

This combination results in a prohibitive market-entry for new players.
The solution to this problem lies in our specialized distributor channels and well curated industry contacts.

Thanks to our proximity to the end customer, we understand their needs, through which we establish the optimal value proposition for your product. This close hands-on engagement, alongside our in-house high technological expertise, has led us to become a driving force in the introduction of international health innovations in Switzerland.

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